“ Could you tell me more about the digital submission please? ”

Richard R. asked a question
during the live chat Submitting a smarter application for the KPMG360° programme – Advice from the KPMG student recruitment team
to KPMG UK Recruitment Team

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Assistant Manager, Student Recruitment, KPMG UK

Of course, Richard.

It is a new part of our process. You will be asked to submit a short audio submission that is in response to some questions we will send you if you get to this stage. It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate both your communication skills and your motivation towards a career at KPMG.

In your digital submission, we will be assessing three of the KPMG global behavioural capabilities, ‘Makes an Impact’, ‘Career Motivation’ and ‘Demonstrates Innovation and Curiosity.’ You will have three days to submit, so please make sure you have time to complete this.

You can record it on your phone or computer so doesn't have to be produced on professional audio equipment. Does that help?

Mohammed P.

Is the digital submission process after the online application process?

Richard R.

Thats interesting, I haven't heard of this before. So do you have to answer the questions straight away or can you spend the three days planing your answers before recording them?

Assistant Manager, Student Recruitment, KPMG UK

You have three days to record and submit your response so can spend time planning your response. It helps us to see what you come up with when you have some more time to plan and aren't under as much pressure as you might be in an interview

Richard R.

Ok cool, thanks.

Joe P.

Hi I have recently got to this stage where do we submit the audio file to thanks

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Graduate and undergraduate trainees at KPMG have the opportunity to join a people-led organisation, be part an inspiring team and work with some of the brightest minds in business – all while embracing technologies of the future. We work across the broadest range of clients and sectors, from the biggest multinationals through to the most innovative start-ups. Focused on delivering the highest quality, we have a simple vision: to be the clear choice for our clients, our people, and the communities we work in.
KPMG colleagues come from all sorts of degree disciplines and universities, bringing their own unique perspectives and backgrounds, but sharing a natural curiosity, a desire to work together and explore new ideas, inspire change and deliver real results for clients.

Our innovative Launch Pad assessment at the final stage of the process, ensures successful candidates receive a job offer in just 2 working days. Right from the start, graduate and undergraduate trainees will gain exposure to a variety of interesting projects and clients, whilst receiving the support they need to succeed. Equally, through exceptional training, mentoring, professional qualifications and initiatives that give back to communities, trainees will be encouraged to develop a rewarding career within the firm.

Life at KPMG means being part of a fast-moving, intellectually challenging and supportive community, where graduates and undergraduates are empowered to learn, grow and thrive.

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