“ What are your top tips for application process and what are the prominent mistakes that applicants make? ”

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on 06/06/2017
on 12/06/2017
Assistant Manager, Student Recruitment, KPMG UK

Hi Juliet,
The main advice I would give about preparing for the application process would be to look at our behavioural capabilities. www.kpmgcareers.co.uk/school-leavers/how…  These are the capabilities that are assessed during the recruitment process so spend time ensuring you understand what we look for and think of examples of times that you have demonstrated these already. You can then draw on these examples in the interview. Finally, I would recommend you spend time reading and researching about the programme you are applying for. We want to see your enthusiasm for the role and that you've thought about why it is the right opportunity for you and why you are motivated to work at KPMG.
Good luck!

on 11/05/2018
Juliet E.

Thanks for your answer Matt.

Following up on my initial question, in regards to the application process, is an invitation to sit an online numerical test indicative of passing the verbal test? What other criteria are accessed and at what stage of the application can feedback be received?

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