“ I have a Master's degree in Accounting and I am eligible for 7 exemptions. Are we allowed to take the exemptions? ”

Sowmia R. asked a question in topic General
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on 04/08/2017
Whom should I contact to apply for exemptions?
on 09/08/2017

Hello Sowmia, yes you are allowed to claim for specific exemptions. All the details will be given to you after you join. You will be able to apply, but you will be informed when and how to do so. Hope this helps.

on 09/08/2017
Audit Assistant, KPMG UK

Hi Sowmia, of course, you could claim for the exemptions. BPP will introduce you how to get the exemption, and also you can search in the ICAEW website to see if you could get. All the details will given after you join in. Hope this helps.

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