“ What can I do to prep for a potential future in Audit at KPMG (I don't exactly have a financial background) ”

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on 26/12/2017
I finished with a BA in Business Studies from the University of Exeter. I am at the partner interview stage of the recruitment process at KPMG Nigeria.
on 04/01/2018
Audit Graduate Trainee, KPMG UK

Hi Ojerime. I'm currently working in the audit department in Glasgow and I too didn't have a financial background (MA in Spanish, French and EU studies). All training and knowledge needed is provided by the firm once you join, and I don't think that you'll be at a disadvantage at all as everyone starts from square one. I would say, however, that it's really important to start reading financial press (the Financial Times and similar) to keep up to date with the industries that you're clients will be in, and just have a good general awareness of their business environments, which I'm sure your Business Studies degree will help with. The other aspects of audit will be taught or are soft skills which you will pick up and I wouldn't suggest any additional steps to help with this at this stage!

Good luck for the partner interview if it's still to come.


on 04/01/2018
Ojerime O.

Thanks Sadie, that actually helps. The interview should be sometime this month (given everyone is still on holidays). Would it be possible to finish the ACCA exams within two years or less?

on 04/01/2018
Audit Graduate Trainee, KPMG UK

Hi again,

I'm afraid I'm personally unable to answer this as I'm doing the CA programme on the normal-length programme(this is 3 years minimum as the CA qualification requires 450 hours of relevant experience). However, in other parts of the country there are the "intensive programmes" in which the graduates sit all of their classes and exams quickly and i'm sure this is under 2 years. I would suggest starting a new post about this or looking in the previously asked questions. Alternatively, this could be a good one to discuss with the partner in the upcoming interview


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